Minorities, Responsibilities, and Educating Others 

Conversations on social media about privilege and oppression often have comments along the lines of “it’s not the minority individual’s job to educate others as to how they are being oppressive or blind to their privilege.” And this always strikes me as problematic or as, generally, less than ideal.  On the one hand, of course. Continue reading “Minorities, Responsibilities, and Educating Others “

No Room For Disabled People – Chick-fil-A at North Mopac and Parmer Lane

Disabled people are systemically abused, denied access, and misrepresented across the United States, and laws related to us are often ignored or are not enforced. While such problems of access and equity are often far worse in other countries, such is not an acceptable excuse. Case in point: While visiting Austin, Texas, on February 7-10,Continue reading “No Room For Disabled People – Chick-fil-A at North Mopac and Parmer Lane”

This is not about politics.

Especially when Republicans of 2018 are advocating genocide.  Since Barack Obama’s election to Office of the President of the United States in November 2008, Tea-Party-ideologies have emerged and taken increasingly tight control of the Republican Party and its affiliates. Republicans were so disturbed that their fellow citizens elected a Black man to be “Mr. President”Continue reading “This is not about politics.”

Ableism and Wheel of Fortune

Tonight, I watched Wheel of Fortune to do something different and to relax a bit after a busy week. And I got to thinking. My students and I have been talking about privilege and its various manifestations. This evening I got to wondering what they would do if a contestant required a wheelchair or a stool or had some kindContinue reading “Ableism and Wheel of Fortune”

Privilege, Erasure, Cognitive Dissonance

Privilege. Erasure. Cognitive Dissonance. These are just some of the big ideas bouncing around my Frontal Lobe this week. I have three thoughts in particular that I want to share in this article.  1. An under-recognized form of privilege is having a name that can immediately be pronounced correctly, not just by other people but byContinue reading “Privilege, Erasure, Cognitive Dissonance”

Notes on: The Football Industrial Complex and NBC’s Rise’s Challenge

Football is supreme in the United States. As I (and others) have argued, football is racist. Football is at least also ableist, colonialist, and classist when doing an intersectional analysis. Criticisms of football, whether from your everyday friend or in your everyday cultural production, are almost unheard of in the land of the Football Industrial Complex.Continue reading “Notes on: The Football Industrial Complex and NBC’s Rise’s Challenge”

I Was Harassed Today (or, This is Trump’s United States)

While having lunch at The Picket Fence Restaurant and Gift Shop in Clute, Texas, with my mom today, I was harassed by a (White) middle-aged man and his family for wearing this Pro Equality t-shirt. (I think it’s worth noting that none of the employees “apologized”–of course not their fault at all–or acknowledged the incident, norContinue reading “I Was Harassed Today (or, This is Trump’s United States)”

Everyday Racism in America MicroBlogs

The following is a compilation of thoughts (so-named microblogs) that I live tweeted during MSNBC’s special program tonight, Everyday Racism in America. Please take a look! Thanks! (It might take the page a few seconds longer than usual to load.)  Really looking forward to live tweeting this town hall event. Will be ready to learn, comment,Continue reading “Everyday Racism in America MicroBlogs”