Notes on: Homeschooling

COVID19 has presented challenge after challenge. (And let’s not forget that our ever-more evil POTUS knew about its threat and had options to minimize its impact, but chose to ignore them.) For a blog post here, I wanted to briefly discuss homeschooling.  I see post after post from people with children–who normally attend public schoolsContinue reading “Notes on: Homeschooling”

Beto’s War Tax is Wrong (A Once Lost OpEd)

Back in June, I wrote the following article, intended to be an OpEd in a major publication but something happened, and I forgot about it until now. I’m sharing it here, as is, so the writing doesn’t go to “waste”!  Beto O’Rourke’s proposed “War Tax” is noteworthy because it longs to go beyond Republican’s lipContinue reading “Beto’s War Tax is Wrong (A Once Lost OpEd)”

What’s Happening at NBC Entertainment? 

NBC Entertainment currently has a number of high-quality, status-quo-challenging programs.  As previously written, in its twenty-first season now, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit brings attention to the systemic problem that is sexual violence. In contrast to rhetoric spoken and perpetuated by current conservative ideologies, Law and Order takes victims seriously and does not excuseContinue reading “What’s Happening at NBC Entertainment? “

Waiting Room Conversations

I just wanted to make a brief post about an interesting waiting room conversation I overheard while at M.D. Anderson recently.  An older White man was talking with another older White man and said:  Trump has done what he can but the rapture is still coming soon. If Hillary had been elected, it would haveContinue reading “Waiting Room Conversations”

How To Get Away With Murder as Propaganda

I have previously written about ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder here and here. With the current season, I am growing more and more frustrated because of the constant twists (within twists, within twists, within yet more twists), the very slow pace, and the barrage of “bad” people. All of the characters actively and deliberatelyContinue reading “How To Get Away With Murder as Propaganda”

Notes on: What is Religion?

Often, people don’t recognize how multifaceted the answers are to “what is religion?,” “what are the sources of theologies,” “what are the components of theologies?” Talking about Christianity, the Bible is often seen as the theological source. By recognizing how the associated histories and theologies, as well as how the Bible is far from the onlyContinue reading “Notes on: What is Religion?”

No Words Remain: Racism and Remembering James Byrd, Jr.

On the way for lunch with a friend in Clear Lake, Texas, I saw a truly horrifying and upsetting scene this morning. Take a look at what the white pickup truck is dragging on the road in the pictures below.  This is such a clear display of racism and violence–violence of all sorts.  Some peopleContinue reading “No Words Remain: Racism and Remembering James Byrd, Jr.”

This is not about politics.

Especially when Republicans of 2018 are advocating genocide.  Since Barack Obama’s election to Office of the President of the United States in November 2008, Tea-Party-ideologies have emerged and taken increasingly tight control of the Republican Party and its affiliates. Republicans were so disturbed that their fellow citizens elected a Black man to be “Mr. President”Continue reading “This is not about politics.”