The “Big Idea” Gender Studies Syllabus

This is the third installment in my “Big Idea Syllabus” series inspired by Dr. Michael Wesch’s “Big Idea” Syllabus for Anthropology. My “Big Idea” Syllabus for History can be found here, for Writing here. The “Big Idea” Syllabus for Gender Studies follows.  Gender is an important, valid field of inquiry, and because women and gender-nonconformingContinue reading “The “Big Idea” Gender Studies Syllabus”

Minorities, Responsibilities, and Educating Others 

Conversations on social media about privilege and oppression often have comments along the lines of “it’s not the minority individual’s job to educate others as to how they are being oppressive or blind to their privilege.” And this always strikes me as problematic or as, generally, less than ideal.  On the one hand, of course. Continue reading “Minorities, Responsibilities, and Educating Others “

Body, Country, and Betrayal: A Poem

Your body will betray you. Without consent or reason, Without preparation or solution, Without fairness or predictability, Pain and tumors will colonize. Ideologies and histories colonize, too. Suffering will reign in the body. Your body will betray you, Until an expiration date suddenly reveals, “Life is over,” And interrupts all. Your body will betray you,Continue reading “Body, Country, and Betrayal: A Poem”

Everyday Racism in America MicroBlogs

The following is a compilation of thoughts (so-named microblogs) that I live tweeted during MSNBC’s special program tonight, Everyday Racism in America. Please take a look! Thanks! (It might take the page a few seconds longer than usual to load.)  Really looking forward to live tweeting this town hall event. Will be ready to learn, comment,Continue reading “Everyday Racism in America MicroBlogs”

Quick to Speak: Evidence, Patience, and Truth

According to people’s behavior, little regard is generally given to notions of “truths.” “Alternative facts” have become all too common and too acceptable, fully named by Kellyanne Conway on January 22, 2017 but in full force well before this phraseology emerged.   People think and act and believe however/whatever. Evidence does not matter to more andContinue reading “Quick to Speak: Evidence, Patience, and Truth”

On the Limits of Poststructuralism

Of course, representations always matter. Both choices and implications. Disregarding the author and his/her/their background and intent (see, for example, “The Death of the Author”) is typically important when analyzing culture. Humans are generally blind to their own circumstances and why–truly why–they make the choices they make. Only with time can we begin to seeContinue reading “On the Limits of Poststructuralism”

Notes on: “Social Construction”

As I have written numerous times, and as my students can attest, I am a proponent of seeing everything as a social construction. Such a position is easily misunderstood. I often hear: what do you mean that so-and-so is a social construction. There are different ways to look at this, but at its core, social constructions are productsContinue reading “Notes on: “Social Construction””

Racism, History, and How To Get Away With Murder’s Bold Statement

On the most recent episode of How To Get Away With Murder, Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) addresses the Supreme Court and says: ….Racism is built into the DNA of America. And as long as we turn a blind eye to the pain of those suffering under its oppression, we will never escape those origins. The only safeguard people of Color have isContinue reading “Racism, History, and How To Get Away With Murder’s Bold Statement”