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Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda
Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda (“AJP”) is currently a professor at the University of Houston and a freelance writer.

Education Snapshot:

  • Ph.D., History
  • M.A., English
  • M.A., History
  • B.A., History
  • A.A., General Studies
  • & 18 graduate hours, Education

Dr. Pegoda is a professor, writer, guest speaker, and consultant with over sixteen years of experience.

Dr. Pegoda is a full-time, non-tenure-track Lecturer at the University of Houston in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program with additional appointments in the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies (Religious Studies Program) and in the Department of English.

Dr. Pegoda has expertise in pedagogy; gender studies; queer studies; crip studies; religious studies; critical theory; race and racism; film; minority fiction; history and politics; historical memory; writing and editing; and public scholarship and has taught over 130 classes as instructor-of-record, totaling over four thousand students.

Dr. Pegoda has over one hundred publications with bylines in places such as Cancerwise, Conditionally Accepted, The Conversation, The Daily Cougar, The Good Men ProjectHistory News Network, Houston Chronicle, Inside HigherEd, Merion West, Rice Feminist Forum, Talking Points MemoTime, and Washington Post and has had over fifty guest speaking engagements.

Dr. Pegoda is co-founder (with Timothy Frederick Seiter) and is editor-in-chief of the public-facing, scholarly publication Conceptions Review

Dr. Pegoda is queer and because of Neurofibromatosis is physically disabled, a survivor of many tumors and six surgeries, and takes over twenty medications. These (and other) identities, in addition to extensive experience as an educator and scholar since 2007, are used to further embrace and model equity, diversity, and acceptance.

Finally, Dr. Pegoda loves cats (and dogs!), especially the one-and-only Dr. Trevor Lovejoy. And loves Dr Pepper, quality chicken fingers with quality ranch dressing (along with “a dairy pill” due to lactose intolerance!), baked or grilled chicken, turkey, and bread.

Reach Dr. Pegoda by email, ajpegoda(at)central(dot)uh(dot)edu.

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