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Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda
Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda (“AJP”) is a professor at the University of Houston, a freelance writer, and a graduate student at Arizona State University.

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Course Grades

Miscellaneous Information

Fall 2021

ENG 501: Approaches to Research: English Studies

with Dr. George Justice

  • “Nothing About Us Without Us”: Voice and the Syllabus, A Research Proposal: This major paper shows my ability to find a problem, investigate that problem, and outline a framework for addressing that problem. I was able to use my extensive personal experiences to offer deeper insights and nuance to the topics at hand. This paper also highlights my ability to synthesize and analyze scholarship from a range of academic discourses.

ENG 534: Studies in Renaissance Literature: Shakespeare

with Dr. Bradley Irish

  • Empowering Cesario, or The Harbingers of Genderfluidity: This literary analysis highlights my ability to read and analyze one of the world’s great works of literature. In particular, I applied my knowledge of gender and queer studies to offer unique ways of looking at Cesario, while also pointing out gaps in the existing scholarship. Further, this essay shows clear organization and a step-by-step unfolding of ideas.

ENG 535: Studies in 18th/19th C. British Literature: The Gothic

with Dr. George Justice

  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: A Cripped-Queered Literature Review: This bibliographical essay shows my ability to grapple with the history of how scholars have grappled with Frankenstein. In addition, I offer ways to further merge and expand existing research. This process involved applying knowledge of Queer Studies, of Disability Studies, and of English Studies.

ENG 560: Genre Studies: Magical Realism as a Global Genre

with Dr. Claudia Sadowski-Smith

  • Exploring Disability in Magical Realist Fictions: This literary analysis underscores my ability to take risks and to offer fresh insights–again using Disability Studies–into a text that has been written about again and again, “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings.” This essay offers sustained, strong arguments with clear examples that gradually unfold.

Spring 2022

ENG 584: Internship: Pen Project Prison Teaching

with Prof. Lance Graham

  • Open Letter to Inmates: This essay shows my ability to engage with a less formal genre of academic writing. Rather than analysis, per se, this writing sample shows application and creation: In it, I share my personal and professional experiences in a framework that aims to benefit the audience.

LIN 510: Linguistics

with Dr. Kathryn Pruitt

ENG 535: Studies in 18th/19th C. British Literature: Studies in Jane Austen

with Dr. Devoney Looser

  • A Partial Jane Austen Exhibit: Letters Among the Leigh Family: The assignment that resulted in this essay is one of, if not the, most creative and interesting assignments I’ve ever been given. The assignment was exciting to complete, and I think this shows in the final product. This project highlights my ability to do paleography and to offer relevant meanings and connections where they are not immediately clear. This assignment shows strong research and strong writing skills.

ENG 552: Composition Studies

with Dr. Patricia Webb

  • Analyzing Pedagogy and Understanding Composition Studies: This review essay is the result of quickly reading and analyzing seventy one articles in Pedagogy and offering an evaluation as to the “state of the field.” It shows my ability to synthesize and analyze, while being concise and remaining comprehensive. Given my own interest in pedagogy, as well as publication record on topics related to teaching and learning, this essay was especially interesting to write.
  • Cripping Composition: An Annotated Bibliography Organized Chronologically: This essay again highlights my on-going interests in expanding my knowledge into Disability Studies. And again it shows by ability to read and evaluate academic articles and then communicate the important ideas using clear prose.
  • Composition Studies: Toward Greater Visibility: This video essay underscores my speaking and presentation skills, which are the result of much practice and significant teaching experience. It also highlights my ability to creatively present some basic information about Composition Studies to audiences unfamiliar with the academic field.

Summer 2022

ENGL 551: Rhetorical Traditions: Classical Rhetorics

with Dr. Mark Hannah

ENG 597: Graduate Capstone Seminar

with Dr. Kathleen Hicks