Creative Writing: Chaos and Confusion

All the chaos and confusion

All the chaos and confusion

The world turns round

The stars come and go

The wind blows

People walk

Cars honk


Phone rings

Car honks again

Sweat rolls down

Older man scowls

Wind eases thoughts

Tented windows filter and disguise

Industrialism is taking over

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Oversized trucks destroy the peace

The wind comes again

Music of the air

Music on the long-gone forest

Ghostly embraces

Music of the newness busting in

The fumes. They kill.

The history and myth dance around

Breathing. No, not that thought.

Sixteen wheels pounding the nature

To live really is to assert aggression

All is paused.

The wheels can’t move

Strangers bustling by

In such a hurry

Going nowhere, only consuming more soma

Capitalism destroys beauty

Powers of the Mind transformed to Meh

The world we used to know

Was never really

How to know?

Was that birds whistling?

It was.

Nature longs to return

To live is an aggression

No guarantees

Just a speck in time

Specks searching for meaning

Drive by cosmic forces

Lost in a sea

Longing for familiarity

Everything could be different