The Room (Poem)

The Room With its spaciousness, invites you. With its tables and chairs, talks to you. With its storage spaces, says, please stay. With its location, says, you are visible. With its mix of different people, inspires and encourages you. The Room is a neat, different, weird place. But, you don’t know The Room. The RoomContinue reading “The Room (Poem)”

Body, Country, and Betrayal: A Poem

Your body will betray you. Without consent or reason, Without preparation or solution, Without fairness or predictability, Pain and tumors will colonize. Ideologies and histories colonize, too. Suffering will reign in the body. Your body will betray you, Until an expiration date suddenly reveals, “Life is over,” And interrupts all. Your body will betray you,Continue reading “Body, Country, and Betrayal: A Poem”

Other Strange Rituals of the Nacirema

In almost all cases, this particular ritual occurred at least once every twelve years, once members of the Nacirema reached age 15 or 16 on the Gregorian Calendar. This ritual involved several steps but ultimately permitted them to legally steer large machines on rows of asphalt, concrete, or dirt. These machines went at unprecedented speedsContinue reading “Other Strange Rituals of the Nacirema”

But You’re America. A Poem.

But You’re America.  But you’re America. But you’re America. You have the power to alleviate all pain. But you’re America. You choose to be greedy and selfish. Because you’re America. You laugh and mock when people ask you to be kind. Because you’re America. You refuse to improve and change. Because you’re America. You forgetContinue reading “But You’re America. A Poem.”

Behind a Politician’s Doors, A Poem

Do you ever wonder what really happens behind a politician’s doors? The power enabled by uninformed and short-sided people, The words screamed, whispered, cried, silenced, and deleted, the hopes dashed, the hopes fulfilled, all for their personal gain, of course, fears alleviated, the fears confirmed, the people condemned to die, people made into oligarchs, people deliberately impoverished, theContinue reading “Behind a Politician’s Doors, A Poem”

What are you going to do?

What are you going to do? What are you going to do when ICE comes to your door, demands your papers, and searches your house? What are you going to do when you have some extra time: read, write, protest, or watch what is generally mindless television?  What are you going to do when Trump’sContinue reading “What are you going to do?”

Christian Silence: A Poem

Christian silence: we hear it when people are happy and when people have gained recognition as humans, living life to its fullest, we hear it when people want to make change and truly provide for people in this cruel world, we hear it when science disproves fables and explains mysteries that defeat all odds, we hear itContinue reading “Christian Silence: A Poem”

Untitled Poem

Words do not exist to express the fear and sadness, Sadness we feel as people openly celebrate hate, Hate upon which this backward nation was built, Built and rebuilt and rebuilt and rebuilt again now, Rebuilt as hate, greed, stupidity define our nationalism, Nationalism for only Heterosexual Male WASPs, Wasps with venom that poisons theContinue reading “Untitled Poem”