Creative Writing: Awake in the middle of the night

Awake in the middle of the night

Awake in the middle of the night

This mysterious cloud glowing down

Wishing there was something to be done

So much sickness and no one cares

Bullies, monies, and selfies trap us all

(You communist.)

Such egotism

Such ignorance

Such sadness

It boils down to hopes and fears

We’re capable of little else

(Why are humans so egotistical?)

Power traps power and confines like magnets

(…after all)

This great, everyday struggle with the Devil!

(Nothing else matters when eternal life is at State. Right!)

Rhetoric so perfect

Rhetoric so concise

(Not to mention semantical politics)

Rhetoric that tricks them all

Human expressions? reflections?

(Not like there’s time anyway!)

Who needs them?

So easy to trick

The game is perfect

Extreme leisure, depression to the core

Manipulation matters most

Illusions guide our way

Warped generation-old ‘universal’ myths

(What’s the purpose of a single apostrophe anyway??)

Re-re-re-rewritten histories to fool anew

Critical thinking is forbidden, you, you devil worshiper

“Run, Forrest, Run”

They say.

But for what.

“What does it mean to live if you have no choices?”

Oh the questions.

(Please stop.)

You know they won’t handle it.


Poetry of the mind.

That’s it.