13 Things You Can’t do (and be Honest) in the United States

  1. You cannot deny that racism exists, especially if you’re “white.”
  2. You cannot deny that sexism exists, especially if you’re male.
  3. You cannot deny that classism exists, especially if you have transportation, shelter, clothes, water, and/or enough to eat.
  4. You cannot deny that heterosexism exists, especially if you’re heterosexual.
  5. You cannot be antiabortion, especially if you’re pro-death penalty, in opposition to any health care reform, you think welfare is abused en masse, you have no training in science or medicine, and/or you’re a male
  6. You cannot be apolitical: this means you must vote, write letters, and speak out.
  7. You cannot ignore injustices – any of them.
  8. You cannot claim that our legal system is fair, especially if you’ve never been arrested, never dealt with police harassment, or have never faced a judge.
  9. You cannot assume you know anything – in fact, if you’re going by what you learned on television or from high school or by what your uncle told you, assume you’re wrong.
  10. You cannot have an opinion about topics of which you know nothing or have not directly and personally studied without removing (as much as possible) filters of time, place, translation, etc.
  11. You cannot deny science – evolution and global warming are real.
  12. You cannot think your religious practices or lack of religious practices, outlooks, or ways of life are the only right ones. There are almost 7 billion people on the Earth right now.
  13. You cannot take anything for granted.


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