Gender, The Academy Awards, and How Everybody Suffers

I just wanted to share a quick thought: The Academy Awards/Oscars are a perfect example of how sexist and violent society is toward women and men when it comes to the performative nature of gender. 

Women are forced to look “their best,” with the most unique and expensive outfit. Reporters spend a great deal of time and effort analyzing and critiquing what women have on from their dresses, to their hairstyles, to their earrings. This forces people to alter their bodies and causes much unnecessary anxiety and stress for women. Makeup and whatnot are not natural, afterall.

On the other hand, men are, essentially, forced to look exactly the same as all other men. Suit and tie. Our society does not allow men the same freedom of expression. Mores do not permit (or readily encouarage, allow, or require) men to decorate their body, per se, and this too causes much unnecessary anxiety and stress for men.

Sometimes we forget that men also suffer from society’s expectations of gender performance. 

Society has developed the “perfect” situation in one way. Women are forced to be completely different. Men are not allowed to be different. Everybody is unhappy. Everybody faces the consequences of gender-based socially-constructed mores.

Be sure to check out Judith Butler’s comments about gender being performative

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda