Waiting Room Conversations

I just wanted to make a brief post about an interesting waiting room conversation I overheard while at M.D. Anderson recently. 

An older White man was talking with another older White man and said: 

Trump has done what he can but the rapture is still coming soon. If Hillary had been elected, it would have already happened. And the democratic candidates for president are butch of squirrels.

I want my ashes thrown in my backyard so I’ll already be with my family with the rapture happens and we’ll be reunited easier. 

He made so many more interesting comments, too! 

Like others, his finds no cognitive dissonance between his implied moral beliefs and Trump’s absolutely horrific behavior. 

He’s notions of eschatology seem more informed by the Left Behind fictional series than other more credible texts. 

He equates a group of people—which includes women and People of Color—to animals. 

He seems to think Yahweh isn’t actually that powerful, since his remains need to be placed in his backyard.  

He has an oddly US centric view of the world, especially for when thinking about “end times.”

And he didn’t care that other people around him would find these ideas, especially about Trump and Democratic politicians, highly offensive, especially given Trump’s push to continue concentration camps in the United States.

(And potentially being sick, given the setting, is absolutely not an excuse for his behavior toward fellow humanity.) 

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda