The Room (Poem)

The Room
With its spaciousness,
invites you.
With its tables and chairs,
talks to you.
With its storage spaces,
says, please stay.
With its location,
says, you are visible.
With its mix of different people,
inspires and encourages you.
The Room is a neat, different, weird place.
you don’t know The Room.
The Room manipulates you.
And kills you.
And lies to you.
And steals from you, too.
The Room, despite or because of its nurture,
kills dreams.
When you break free,
it forgets you.

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda 

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  1. Excellent poem! I’ve recently started running my own page and I was wondering if I reblog this poem could you possibly reblog one of mine? I have a few published on my page alongside my normal blogs


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