But You’re America. A Poem.

But You’re America. 

But you’re America.
But you’re America.
You have the power to alleviate all pain.
But you’re America.
You choose to be greedy and selfish.
Because you’re America.
You laugh and mock when people ask you to be kind.
Because you’re America.
You refuse to improve and change.
Because you’re America.
You forget your promises and never honor your word.
But you’re America.
You think it doesn’t matter.
Because you’re America.
You think you have a blank check to destroy, the world.
Because you’re America.
You live without a conception of history.
But you’re America.
Because you’re America.
You teach White people to be narrow-minded.
Because they too are America.
You allow White people to continue corrupting you.
Because you are both America.
Because you’re America.
You bring disgrace.
But you’re America.
America doesn’t care.
Because you’re America.


Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda

Categories: Thoughts and Perspectives

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5 replies

  1. Since there is no “By Line” I assume you wrote this. You can certainly express your point of view as you choose. I find this “poem” very disrespectful to towards those of us who daily, hourly, minute by minute choose to share, preserve, and protect the values of dignity and equality. Many peoples around this small globe live in hope that there is still the possibility a better life for all of us. Disparaging any particular group helps no one.


    • Hi there, Everything on my blog is written by me. I started putting my name at the end of each blog (including this one) to help indicate that. I also state this in the general disclaimer located at the right on each page.

      Thanks for reading my poem. I’m not sure why you find it disrespectful. If the United States lived up to its ideals people around the globe would have a better life. It’s simple, really. The poem is an expression of frustration because the United States does not value the dignity of people. We need a society committed to equity. Equality is problematic.

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  2. Yeah, Doc… um… you testing our replies now? 🙂
    You really expecting us to believe you hold this feeling enough to write a poem?


    • Hello there! Not sure what you mean by “testing our replies now” lol. 🙂

      Poetry is one of my hobbies. It allows for the expression of emotions in a more polemical and artful way.

      The United States does have many, many problems that are built into its very fabrics. The nation was built on discrimination and inequality and on being hypocritical.



  1. I Was Harassed Today (or, This is Trump’s United States) – Without Ritual, Autonomous Negotiations

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