Voting Should Not Be A Selfish Act

Again and again this election cycle I see people advising others to “vote for who best represents you,” “vote for who promises to make things better for you,” “vote for the person who you think will make the nation better for you.”

One Facebook comment I found reads:

If you want to feel good about your vote on election day you’re gonna have to write in Jesus. He really is the only one that can repair our nation. Otherwise, just hold your nose and vote for whichever your lesser evil is this year.

All such comments are rooted in the self. Why are people so selfish?

I always vote thinking about who will make the nation and world better for every one. 

The Trump/Republican vision promises to hurt people–namely minorities but all people. Why would anyone vote for that? Why do people continue to vote not just in selfish ways, but in ways that go against their own best interests?

When you vote, you should think about your entire network and world of friends, family, children, colleagues, students, the strangers across the restaurant. Think about everyone. Think about how to truly make the nation and world better without thinking about yourself or your own hopes and fears alone.

If you need assistance, academic books about history, psychology, anthropology, sociology, evolution are great helpers. 

Voting for Trump and other Republicans this election GUARANTEES that minorities will encounter a world that is much more violent. The only reason to vote for Trump is if you want a society where people who are not White, are not cis males, are not Christian, are not heterosexual, are not you are discriminated againt and are forced by you to live in extended nightmares. Such a society is selffish and boring. 

Because of White privilege and male privilege and Christian privilege and cisgender privilege and so on, such lucky people don’t really have to worry. They have the opportunity AND THE ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY to help make the world a better one.

Voting allows people the opportunity, especially the privileged people, to oppression others or embrace others.

How will you use your voice? Are you going to allow me and my students to live safely or not?

Andrew Joseph Pegoda