25 Inappropriate or Wrong Things Teachers Said That I Still Remember

Provided without comment or analysis: 

  1. “February 29th is the only day that a girl can propose to a boy. Otherwise, the boy always has to ask the girl.”
  1. “Adolf Hitler’s dog did not like him. That’s why his dog is with other people in group pictures.”
  1. “The sun does not move.”
  1. “The school nurse can determine if you actually have a headache or not by taking your temperature.”
  1. “Some people tell you there are no stupid questions, but there are. If you ask a stupid question, you will get a stupid answer.”
  1. ”Society tells you that humans are animals but actually humans and animals are different.”
  1. “You always vomit if you have a migraine.”
  1. “You’re not following directions if you can’t run or walk a mile in 15 minutes or less.”
  1. “It is inappropriate to speak in Spanish in the classroom.”
  1. “You can’t read aloud your whole life.”
  1. “The Civil War was about states’ rights.”
  1. Harry Potter is boring and ridiculous.”
  1. “Your delusional if you think you’re going to be a doctor someday.”
  1. “When you pray, you don’t have to close your eyes.”
  1. “Adam and Eve were the first humans.”
  1. “Alcohol is a drug. Don’t drink alcohol. If you do, you’ll turn out like [points to picture of someone dead/etc].”
  1. “Child abuse only occurs when a spanking leaves a mark for more than twenty-four hours.”
  1. “You can be anything you want when you grow up.”
  1. “Students aren’t actually supposed to sing in this choir class.”
  1. “Kids can’t be friends with adults.”
  1. “Kids should spend time playing with other kids no matter what.”
  1. “You can’t subtract a smaller number from a larger number.”
  1. “College is about living in a dorm and partying.”
  1. “You guys are a bunch of fags.”
  1. “World War I started because Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed.”

Andrew Joseph Pegoda