In Celebration of Dr. Trevor Lovejoy Pegoda

I am certain I have the sweetest and smartest little four-legged friend in the entire world. Lately, I have been thinking about all of the phrases I know he knows. There’s a lot of them! And they are listed below for you to enjoy. And I say “know he knows” because I can tell by his response and behavior he understands, and there are certainly all kinds of things he knows that I am unaware of given my inferiority as a human. The more I get to know him (I adopted him in November 2010), the more I realize what a wonderful, intelligent being he truly is. 


  • Kitty cat.
  • Dr Trevor Lovejoy. 
  • Trevor.
  • Trev.
  • Let me set you down.
  • Can I pick you up? (Sometimes he looks up and waits for me to pick him up, sometimes he turns away.)
  • You can stay there. I’ll be right back. 
  • I’ll see you later. 
  • I’ll see you real soon.
  • Come say good bye. (I usually say this if I’m leaving to teach. He’ll jump on top of the washing machine.)
  • Let’s go to my room. 
  • Ready to go to bed?
  • Go to sleep. 
  • Ready to get up?
  • Are you hungry?
  • Do you want something to eat?
  • Here’s your food. 
  • Eat some more. You haven’t had enough. 
  • Do you want a belly rub?
  • Wanna sword fight? (He loves a game of my index finger against his arm!)
  • Time for your medicine. (Mostly flea medicine – he hates it.)
  • I’ll protect you.
  • Come here. 
  • Come on.
  • Can I have a Trevor Lovejoy hug?
  • Will you come sit by me?
  • Want a kitty cat treat?
  • I’m gonna get you! (He loves to be chased.)
  • We gonna play follow the leader? (He loves following me and sometimes having me follow him around and around and around and around the house.)
  • Get down! 
  • No! (Although he likes to pretend he doesn’t know this one!)
  • Want to go on a car ride? (He doesn’t care for them.)
  • Let me move you over. 
  • Let me write. 
  • You’re a good kitty cat. 
  • Do you want to get in your tray?
  • Do you want your chair?
  • We’re going to have company. (He requires notice when there are going to be strangers around.)
  • I’m’ going to Chick-fil-A. (He gives me the “you’re-so-addicted-to-that-place” look.)

Oh the things I do for Dr. Trevor Lovejoy.

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