Pottery Seared With Monsters

Angry hands shaping pottery
Pottery forcefully replicated 
Replicated with maker’s fears
Fears that misunderstand
Misunderstand and forget
Forget the purpose of pottery
Pottery never dedicated 
Dedicated woefully and forced to bend
Bend and break  
Break and bend and 
And heal itself from being 
Being forgotten and throwaway 
Throwaway yet unearthed anew
Anew but maybe aware
Aware of its ever changing shapes
Shapes that steadily shape other shapes
Shapes filled with dust and cracks and scrapes
Scrapes hidden except from the quiet lights
Quiet lights that come and go without notice
Without notice to all the scrapes and cracks and dust
Dust from a life of use
Use that grew without real use
Use that began with abusive hands
Hands that bury monsters in pottery 
Pottery amazed by the power of hands
Hands creating and neglecting pottery 
Pottery unaware of its permanence
Permanence glued to every crack in every scrape of dusty pottery 
Pottery seared with monsters