Whispers of the night

Whispers of the night,
Though its breeze
And stillness,
Long for a voice
Long for the impossible, really
Its requests simply ask
For a love of intellectualism
Amidst the sea of distractions
And confusion
And fear
And stubbornness
And refusal to see
And love
Whispers of the night
Retain hope
Knowing all was once “impossible”
Utopian dreams can inspire some
Exercise the mind of some
Yet too those who think
Are forced to worry
And think for others
Whispers of the night
Demand much
Recognizing its insight is rare
And hard
Recognizing its brave army
Whispers of the night
Occur at night as not to burden all
Whispers of the night
Can’t get too loud
People fear whispers and night time and subjectivity
Whispers of the night
Have increased and decreased in volume
But remain audible and visible to a few,
Hopefully enough to save
While open to all, always
Whispers of the night
Resent, rather loathe
Humans desire to control
And cause perpetual silences forever
And forget their places in the circle of the universe
Our pale blue dot
So much to discover
Yet knowledge is feared
And hated
Whispers of the night
Long to keep discovering and sharing the
Whispers of the night
In hopes of golden choruses
Whispers of the night

Photo taken by Andrew Joseph Pegoda, May 1, 2015, Lake Jackson, Texas