Cultural Artifacts: My Personal Collections of the Old, Awesome, and Weird

2015-03-16 14.43.35

A scholar from China visiting the University of Houston has been sitting in on my Saturday class. She brought this bookmark to me about three weeks ago. 

2015-03-16 14.46.30

I got this heavy paper weight/book holder around 2005 at a small bookstore going out of business. 

2015-03-16 15.03.55

Found these antique glass marbles in Abilene, Texas, in the attic at my great grandparent’s house around 1997. The picture doesn’t do justice at showing how many there are or how beautiful they are. 

2015-03-16 14.41.37

This one-of-a-kind, limited edition paperweight is one of my newest items from a professor I had at UHCL and now a really good friend/colleague/grandmother. (I’m the adopted grandson!) 

2015-03-16 14.40.41

This really awesome antique three-carat ring is also from Abilene. My great-grandmother gave this to me in 1997.  

2015-03-16 14.39.45

This really neat and heavy-for-its-size elephant was given to me when I was a little kid (kindergarten or something) by a waitress at a small, “mom and pop” restaurant in Wallis while traveling to Austin with my mother.

What are some of the cool objects you have?