Creating Writing: We Shall Have Your Future!: A Riddle

We Shall Have Your Future!
A Riddle
We are…
gently–leisurely globe.
 Uncrowned Monarch.
Annals repeating of Ancient times.
Changing, Ceasing, … Creating History.
The World is,
corrupting around Our necessity, too.
Fantastically fond of fashioning fraudulency.
Fraudulently full of fantastic fabrications;
although not Art.
 With Our restraint, riches,…supremacy.
Considering everything else We do that is good.
Our worst quality is,
welcoming everyone and anyone,
prejudiced against, no one–
if We weren’t this We would be pure evil.
Growing more expensive,
but notwithstanding still very inexpensive.
Don’t like money;
lessening Our persuasiveness.
Reachable royal arrays,
ever popular.
Everyone tries Us,
never to find Us guilty, ha!
Addictive and attractive.
Originating other obsessions, too.
We create illness, experiences,
tax aspirations, epochs, and feelings of adoring.
You must go at Our speed.
And strife sentiments.
Care for you?,
not even Ourselves, not even Our … friends.
Don’t you care for others.
Cause the most damage, the most universally.
We witness to the World,
except—snow, it hurts,
rabbits hurt, too.
We obliterate original natural life,
Destroy identical,
 family, friends, and cultures, too.
 Frying would-be intellectual human brains,
You can’t get enough of Our enthrallment and enthrallment.
Don’t like Us, but Don’t know it.
We create and have consciousness on apprehensiveness,
bullies–be keen on Us,
use Us even knowing Our cruelty.
“Dim the mind.”
turn up to Us,
turn Us up to,
a role-model,
providing spiraling blurs;
teaching mind-shortcuts.
An escape.
Indeed a challenging drug,
that challenges no one,
but demands everything!
Trade your psyche to Us.
Robots evaluate and appraise existence for.
No one can ever forget,
fantastically fretful,
rulers, Rulers.
Turn to Us more for troubles.
To establish and exterminate troubles is Our purpose.
Become a god for some.
Revealing restricted realizations;
Our powers are really not relaxing.
Please do not avail to the evil side;
We Have vital reassure for you tonight.
Who am I?