Everyday Racism in America MicroBlogs

The following is a compilation of thoughts (so-named microblogs) that I live tweeted during MSNBC’s special program tonight, Everyday Racism in America. Please take a look! Thanks! (It might take the page a few seconds longer than usual to load.)  Really looking forward to live tweeting this town hall event. Will be ready to learn, comment,Continue reading “Everyday Racism in America MicroBlogs”

Notes on: “They” as a Gender

Just as with countless other words in English and in other languages, the word “they” does not have any one meaning, nor is its meaning fixed in time. The dictionary defines they as follows:  And as will be clear to more and more queer-versed people, this definition omits the uses of the word “they” when itContinue reading “Notes on: “They” as a Gender”

The President and History

Donald Trump is clearly unusually dangerous to the United States and to the World. He, his family, and his Republican allies are openly destroying important aspects of democracy. This is urgent. This is important. This can’t be said enough.  However, some tweets this evening caught my attention and prompted a new line of thought: WhenContinue reading “The President and History”

Representations, Identities and Experiences, and Acting

Frequent and important discussions occur on the topic of privileged performers playing non-privileged people. For example, all too often a cis-gender person plays a trans person, a heterosexual person plays a non-heterosexual person, an able-bodied person plays a disabled person, and a person racialized as White plays a non-White person. These conversations are certainly necessaryContinue reading “Representations, Identities and Experiences, and Acting”

Retraction: Brains, Politics, and Essentialism

In three previous blogs (here, here, and here), I made statements I can no longer stand by. (I should have made this post a long time ago, but until a conversation in the past few weeks, I had forgotten I made these statements, and I got a bit too excited about the “easy” explanation. IContinue reading “Retraction: Brains, Politics, and Essentialism”

Book Review–“Why Gender Matters: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know About the Emerging Science of Sex Differences”

Last night I read Why Gender Matters: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know About the Emerging Science of Sex Differences published by Penguin Books. The author–Leonard Sax–has a Ph.D. and a M.D., so I expected a monograph of quality. However, I’ve never read an academic book more offensive, problematic, inaccurate, queerphobic, transphobic, sexist, hateful, opinionated. I’m stillContinue reading “Book Review–“Why Gender Matters: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know About the Emerging Science of Sex Differences””

Presentism En Masse: Sex and Gender, Diction, and Historical Narratives

Earlier today while reading and reviewing an in-progress chapter for a friend, it occurred to me that we are all vastly guilty of a very specific kind of presentism. We’re so blind to this presentism that it goes almost completely unnoticed, and it happens without cognizance. I’m guilty, too. We much more readily reserve categoriesContinue reading “Presentism En Masse: Sex and Gender, Diction, and Historical Narratives”