The following are a sampling of the quiz questions I used when teaching Learning Frameworks.

On the first day of class we discussed two important keys to a student’s success. Please complete the following formula and briefly explain what is meant by this formula.


___________________ + ___________________ = ___________________



Emma-Lou is a new dual-credit student at Brazosport College. She is enrolled in Professor Hopkins’s Sociology class. On the first day of class, Emma-Lou showed up late and did not bring any paper for notes–thinking the professor would distribute her notes. Furthermore, Emma-Lou has always struggled with sociology in the past. She would rather be ANYWHERE else at 9 am in the morning, especially during the summer.

Using what you learned from the “‘A’ student activity” and what you know about the differences between high school and college, please help Emma-Lou.



Please answer the following questions according to the assigned readings from College Rules!.

Name at least two features or benefits of a course syllabus.

What is meant by “classrooms without walls”?

Who are professors? What do they do? How do you get along with them?



Why is it important to take notes?

The reading named several general tips for taking notes. Please name and briefly describe one of these.

What is meant by “listen, think, and write”?

Are students required to use one set method to take good notes in their classes?



Using what you learned from the assigned chapter in College Rules!, “What is an Academic Paper,” and “Notes on Punctuation,” please state whether the following statements are true or false and then explain why. Remember to use complete sentences.

While question marks and exclamation marks are not appropriate for college writing, commas, dashes, and semicolons are appropriate.

The five-paragraph essay is sufficient for college essays.

In order to avoid plagiarism both quotes and ideas must be cited.

Evaluation and analysis are important elements in writing academic papers.

It is not advisable to include more than one position or perspective in research papers.



Please name and discuss the five major characteristics of college writing. Perhaps consider how are these different from high school writing?



According to your textbook, what are annotations? What other advice does your book give for successful college reading?



The following questions should be answered according to the assigned chapters from College Rules!.

How can you better manage your time?

What is the difference between internal and external distractions? Please explain.

Using what your book says about stress, please complete an ID essay.



Please describe the ABC(&D) approach to time management.



Please describe the components of an ID essay. Why is this structure important?



According to Isaac Asimov, what is intelligence? Do you agree? Why or why not?



Identification items:



Multiple Intelligence:




Please illustrate the difference between higher-level and lower-level exams.

Bob has done really well throughout his high school career. In fact, he is the president of several different organizations and ranks 5th in his class. His SAT scores were in the top 2% of all test takers. Although he has done very well so far, he is worried about college and decides that he will be happy with a “C” average. Then during his first semester in college he decides he wants to become a professor of history in two years. Using what you know about setting proper goals, please analyze the scenario just described.



Please answer the following questions according to the assigned readings from College Rules!.

Define internal and external distractions, and given an example of each.

What is meant by state-dependent memory?

Please answer the following question according to the assigned handout on memory.

ID: Long-term memory (Hint: Consider the big picture as related to long-term memory and the general stages by which information gets into the LTM)



Explain the difference between long-term memory and short-term memory.



Dr. Trevor Lovejoy, president of Lovejoy College, has invited you to speak to a group of students taking College Success, a course very similar to our Learning Frameworks class. What do you tell these students? It is their first semester in college. What do you know now that you wish you would have known before? Be clear and creative.



Evaluate the usefulness of SAP.



How is multiculturalism defined?

What are your thoughts about the multicultural workshop yesterday?

What was your favorite thing?

What was your least favorite thing?

What should be added?

What should be taken anyway?


Other comments?



Please provide a brief, yet informed discussion of learning styles. By informed, your paragraph should show that you were in class, participated, took notes, and that you have reflected on the activities and discussion from last class.



Please discuss the two major theories of intelligence discussed in class. Which one do you like better?



Please share your thoughts about visiting the Writing Center this semester.

What have you enjoyed most about visiting the Writing Center?

What have you enjoyed least about visiting the Writing Center?

What suggestions do you have? [hint: Please do not state that this requirement should be moved. That’s not really an option. J]



What are the components of an appropriate ID essay? Why are these components important?



According to the BACODA presentation, what is the most important organ in the body? Why?

According to the BACODA presentation, what are the consequences of drugs and alcohol?