Course Information

The following details courses I have taught. Unless stated otherwise, all courses were at the University of Houston. If you click a course name (or the triangle next to it), you will see each semester I have taught that class, so far. The link for each one takes you to a PDF file. Each PDF includes the syllabus, and then when the semester is over I typically update the file so that it includes sample assignments and handouts for that specific course and semester. If you have any questions or if you would like additional information, please contact me. 

In addition to the files below, please see the Big Idea History Syllabus (video essay version), the Big Idea Writing Syllabus, and the Big Idea Gender Studies Syllabus.

**During the Fall 2021 semester, I am teaching Intro to LGBT/Queer Studies, Intro to Women’s Studies, and Secularisms/Atheisms.

**During the Spring 2022 semester, I will be teaching Intro to LGBT/Queer Studies, Intro to Women’s Studies, US Queer History Through Literature, Memoir and US Women’s Religious History 

Because of COVID19, everything will be taught 100% online. All Office Hours will be 100% online, too. 

Introduction to Women’s Studies
Introduction to LGBT/Queer Studies
Upper Division, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Classes
Upper Division, Religious Studies Classes
  • Religion, Politics, History, “Memoir and U.S. Women’s Religious History” Spring 2022
  • Secularisms/Atheisms: Fall 2021
  • Theologies from the Margins: Summer 2021 (completely revamped!)
  • Religion, Politics, History, “Uniquely American” Spring 2021
  • Secularisms/Atheisms: Fall 2020
  • Theologies from the Margins: Gender, Race, and Sexuality: Summer 2020
  • Personal Narratives and U.S. Religious History: Spring 2020
  • Secularisms/Atheisms: Fall 2019
  • Theologies from the Margins: Gender, Race, and Sexuality: Summer 2019
  • Comparative Creation Myths: Texts, Criticisms, and World Histories: Spring 2019
  • Religions and the United States: Culture, Education, and Politics, Fall 2018
  • Theologies from the Margins: Gender, Race, and Sexuality: Summer 2018
  • Atheists, Other “Heathens,” and 20th C. United States: Spring 2018
  • Theology, 20th C. Social Movements, and the United States: Fall 2017
Literature and Film
  • Invisibility, Visibility—Class, Disability, Gender, Race, & Sexuality: Summer 2021
  • Masculinities and Crisis: Summer 2020
First Year Writing I, Expository Writing
First Year Writing II, Argumentative Writing 
United States History to 1877
United States History from 1877
Texas History 
African American History 
Mexican American History I 
Mexican American History II 
First Year Seminar: Introduction to Logic, Critical Thinking, and Reasoning 
  • Fall 2015 (University of Houston-Clear Lake)
Learning Frameworks: Theoretical and Applied Principles of Learning 

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