As a professor, my ultimate goal is to help students further build their reading, writing, speaking, and thinking skills. Class time is devoted to working with students and creating spaces where we have high-level conversations about the difficult subjects–conversations I help initiate and moderate, conversations where I’m often learning as much as they are.

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A few examples of unsolicited emails from students about my class and teaching:

…Over the course of the semester I have really come to appreciate and respect your passion for teaching and your willingness to help your students succeed. Although it has been challenging (just like you promised in the beginning of the semester), the constant studying has really made your class more of an immersion environment, and I have noticed ideas from yours class popping up while in my everyday life. In that respect, I would say that we both had a successful semester. Thank you for your efforts!…

…I just wanted to say thanks for letting us have that conversation time in class. Honestly I feel like I have a weight lifted off of my shoulders….With all of this going on it has been extremely difficult to focus on the assignments let alone making it to class. Thankfully I believe that this is all coming to an end. You are the only professor who has shown any concern and for that I am thankful. I will try my hardest to finish the semester off on good terms with my school work. Thank you for being who you are…

After finishing writing for 3 hours I wanted to hit the road and celebrate, relax, and reflect. Thanks for a great class. When I enrolled in H1378 originally, I needed to take a class and was looking for a job, so a Saturday class seemed like the best idea. I had to drive from Austin, so a class that started at noon sounded better than a class at 9 am. I always wanted to learn how the US became what it is today. I enrolled in the class due to it’s day and class time but ended up learning everything I always wanted to and probably more than I would have learned in any other class.

I just wanted to let you know that this was by far the most eye opening class I have taken so far in college. There was a lot going into this class that I did not quite understand on certain LGBTQ issues but I see a lot of things in a much broader perspective now….Because of you I was actually able to help give some advice to one of my cousins on accepting it and just be able to come out to her parents….I am so glad I took this class, I genuinely learned some real material and made new friends. Thank you so much for a great semester and I wish nothing but the best for you, your family, your pets and future classes going into 2017.

….Thank you so much for your efforts this semester, Dr. Pegoda. I honestly feel like I’ve learned a lot and I appreciate how you challenged us….

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