Must Know Rules for Successful Writing

Follow all instructions provided. Always make sure to demonstrate accuracy, analysis, clarity, critical thinking, organization, and originality. Unless specifically asked for, avoid summary. Always use a creative title. Cite everything that is not your own original work. Unless given the okay, avoid quoting the words of others. Make sure to use properly-formatted and indented paragraphs.Continue reading “Must Know Rules for Successful Writing”

The Oxford Comma, Plus Every Comma Rule You Need to Know

Commas are important, including the Oxford Comma. The Oxford Comma (or the Serial Comma) is the comma before “and” in a list of three or more items. For example: Violence, housing and retail segregation, and limited opportunities were still present but were very different in nature. The comma between “segregation” and “and limited” is theContinue reading “The Oxford Comma, Plus Every Comma Rule You Need to Know”

Creative Writing: Chaos and Confusion

All the chaos and confusion All the chaos and confusion The world turns round The stars come and go The wind blows People walk Cars honk Screams Phone rings Car honks again Sweat rolls down Older man scowls Wind eases thoughts Tented windows filter and disguise Industrialism is taking over Mirror Mirror on the wallContinue reading “Creative Writing: Chaos and Confusion”

Creative Writing: Awake in the middle of the night

Awake in the middle of the night Awake in the middle of the night This mysterious cloud glowing down Wishing there was something to be done So much sickness and no one cares Bullies, monies, and selfies trap us all (You communist.) Such egotism Such ignorance Such sadness It boils down to hopes and fearsContinue reading “Creative Writing: Awake in the middle of the night”

Creative Writing: The Rivers

The Rivers See how it lifts You away, Triumphantly soaring, Rolling From afar. See how it mirrors Your morning sky, Magically knowing, Singing From above. See how it guides Your day, Secretly leaning, Training From around. See how it prophesizes Your way, Gently hoping, Providing From afar. See how it knows Their way, Gently weeping,Continue reading “Creative Writing: The Rivers”

Creating Writing: We Shall Have Your Future!: A Riddle

We Shall Have Your Future! A Riddle   We are…   The, gently–leisurely globe.  Uncrowned Monarch.   Annals repeating of Ancient times. Changing, Ceasing, … Creating History.   The World is, corrupting around Our necessity, too. Fantastically fond of fashioning fraudulency. Fraudulently full of fantastic fabrications; although not Art.  With Our restraint, riches,…supremacy.   ConsideringContinue reading “Creating Writing: We Shall Have Your Future!: A Riddle”

Creative Writing: “On not fitting in”

On not fitting in ♦ Occasionally, frustrated. A world from specks of dust. A culture right and superior. A society without perspective of pasts. ♦ Occasionally, see. A world of gentle people. A culture of divided people. A society pretending. ♦ Occasionally, find. A world communicating. A culture of barriers. A society untranslated. ♦ Occasionally,Continue reading “Creative Writing: “On not fitting in””

The Anatomy of How I Teach: Effective Academic Writing, A Look at Words

Each semester for the last few years I’ve given a version (I change it some every semester) of this presentation discussed below to two Advanced Writing classes at the University of Houston Clear Lake as a guest speaker. I love teaching, and my goal when teaching (or guest speaking) is to always use active learningContinue reading “The Anatomy of How I Teach: Effective Academic Writing, A Look at Words”