The “Trolley Problem” is Fundamentally Flawed

The so-named Trolley Problem first originated in 1905, and since its full development as a thought experiment in 1967 by Philippa Foot, it has captivated the on-going attention of philosophers and psychologists for decades. More recently, as indicated on the Facebook page “Trolley problem memes,” developing various iterations of the Trolley Problem is a popularContinue reading “The “Trolley Problem” is Fundamentally Flawed”

“How Low Can You Go?”: The Tragedy of Conservatism and Christianity

Because words currently fail me, below I share a few items from social media today that capture some of my thoughts and serious concerns. I will say we must, somehow, create a society where people do not fear truth, facts, and evidence, while having people also recognize that everything is relative, morality is subjective, the universeContinue reading ““How Low Can You Go?”: The Tragedy of Conservatism and Christianity”

White Gay Men: Privilege, Oppression, and Horizontal Hostility

For my Introduction to Queer Studies class yesterday students read a variety of articles on the theme of White gay/queer men and how they are both privileged and oppressed (and these, of course, vary according to the relevant intersectionality).  Student reading included the following, a mix of blogs and theoretical, academic works:  “Straight White Male: TheContinue reading “White Gay Men: Privilege, Oppression, and Horizontal Hostility”

Queering “Full House” and “Fuller House”

People either love or hate Full House (1987-1995) and now Fuller House (2016-). One of many reasons to love these shows is that they provide a Queer outlook on family life, which has been almost completely ignored by the blogosphere. A “queered” analysis examines the ways in which a text relates or does not relate to what society has labeled asContinue reading “Queering “Full House” and “Fuller House””

The (Many) Imagined Constitution(s) – Hidden Power of Words Series, #23

I’m often a bit irked at how often people–the news, politicians, and other people in the United States–discuss whether something is or is not in the Constitution of the United States, whether something is Constitutional or not.    Have these people actually read the Constitution? The Constitution is almost exclusively merely a basic instructional manual for the initial constructionContinue reading “The (Many) Imagined Constitution(s) – Hidden Power of Words Series, #23”

My Revelation: Hermeneutics and its Applications

Hermeneutics–the study of interpretation and understanding–has fascinated me since I first learned about this concept in 2007. In this post I share a graphic I designed and a few quick thoughts.  This diagram I made, I hope, will explain the basic ideas. Keep in mind, every thing is a text. Basically the idea is thatContinue reading “My Revelation: Hermeneutics and its Applications”