Amazon’s “Echo” and the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy

Earlier this afternoon I was watching this short advertisement for Amazon’s latest product: (Email subscribers, you might need to visit my webpage to see the video.) While watching this short video, I was at first intrigued and wonder if it is better than Apple’s Siri. Then, without meaning to, I noticed the rampant normalcy and perpetuationContinue reading “Amazon’s “Echo” and the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy”

Making Light of Slavery?

Recently in the Texas History class I am teaching a student shared an example of how two friends would quasi reenact an enslaved, enslaver situation at the place where they work. The White person would tell the Black person “get to work” and so on. This student followed up in an email asking my thoughts:Continue reading “Making Light of Slavery?”

It’s Not “the Government” – Hidden Power of Words Series, #12

One part of the oral portion of my comprehensive exams back in May 2013 has stayed with me (“haunted” you could say!) more than any other: Discuss the government as a plural noun and as a singular noun. At first I was baffled and surprised. I asked for clarification (and the question was repeated). IContinue reading “It’s Not “the Government” – Hidden Power of Words Series, #12″

The Rhetoric of Exclusion: Assumed vs. Stated

In my Texas History class, this week and the next two weeks are devoted to the question: “How revolutionary was the Texas Revolution?” Yesterday’s lesson was “Blacks from Africa to Texas.” We looked at the development of enslavement in Texas; how (unlike in the British Colonies) it was transplanted as a pre-existing, very established institution byContinue reading “The Rhetoric of Exclusion: Assumed vs. Stated”

“6 Flags Over Texas”: History, Rhetoric, and Deleting the Past

Teaching Texas History this semester has been a blast. Teaching is always an excellent way to learn, and teaching something from a different framework/reference point is also a way to learn.  One thing we have talked about a few times relates to: What does “6 Flags Over Texas” mean? Who and what does it includeContinue reading ““6 Flags Over Texas”: History, Rhetoric, and Deleting the Past”

“Nothing Happened Here”: History vs. history

On the first or second day of class each semester, I always do some version of my “What is History?” lesson with students. This lesson introduces major ideas and terms (such as agency, mores, etc) that I use all of the time. We also spend a great deal of time talking about various definitions ofContinue reading ““Nothing Happened Here”: History vs. history”

Introducing My Glossary

After working on this a few weeks, I believe it is about ready for others to see…. I have been working on a Glossary, located here on this same webpage, that has what are hopefully basic and simple key terms related to Critical Theory and History. Those currently listed relate to my research and interestsContinue reading “Introducing My Glossary”

“4th of July” vs “Independence Day” – Hidden Power of Words Series, #11

Do you refer to the United States’s birth by saying “Happy 4th of July!” or “Happy Independence Day!”? If you are like most, you have probably almost always thought of today as the 4th of July. As Bruce Martin points out in his blog article, “On Independence Day, Fourth of July, Fireworks Day, Whatever We CallContinue reading ““4th of July” vs “Independence Day” – Hidden Power of Words Series, #11″