Checking in on Dr. Trevor Boffone’s “50 Playwrights Project” – Interview Series #3

In March 2016, Dr. Trevor Boffone and I chatted about the launch of his 50 Playwrights Project, which focuses on Latino, Latina, Latin@, Latinx theatre and its playwrights. You can read that interview here. Recently, I had a chance to interview Dr. Boffone again and see what has happened with 50 Playwrights Project (or 50PP, as it’s abbreviated) over theContinue reading “Checking in on Dr. Trevor Boffone’s “50 Playwrights Project” – Interview Series #3”

Teaching Tip: The Pop Quiz to Top All Pop Quizzes Ever!

Today as my students in Mexican American History II and then in Texas History entered the classroom I announced that we were going to have a pop quiz and that this pop quiz would top all pop quizzes ever, anywhere. This prompted a variety of entertaining reactions and prompted a great deal of laughter! NextContinue reading “Teaching Tip: The Pop Quiz to Top All Pop Quizzes Ever!”

The Problem with White Privilege.

The problem with White Privilege. Those are five words I wouldn’t have predicted writing a few years ago. But there is a serious problem with typical discussions of White Privilege, including Peggy McIntosh’s classic article on the subject, that has been on my mind for several weeks.  Ignoring intersectionality is the problem. For example, situations never involve only White PrivilegeContinue reading “The Problem with White Privilege.”

The “Trolley Problem” is Fundamentally Flawed

The so-named Trolley Problem first originated in 1905, and since its full development as a thought experiment in 1967 by Philippa Foot, it has captivated the on-going attention of philosophers and psychologists for decades. More recently, as indicated on the Facebook page “Trolley problem memes,” developing various iterations of the Trolley Problem is a popularContinue reading “The “Trolley Problem” is Fundamentally Flawed”

I’m a doctor now.

Just a quick blog tonight to let all of the wonderful people who follow my blog that I am now “Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda”!!! At 1 pm this afternoon, I defended my 400-page dissertation/book! Being done is the strangest feeling!  All total, graduate school took eight years, and the dissertation took three years. I’m excitedContinue reading “I’m a doctor now.”

Call to Action: Research Papers – Teaching African American History Update #4

My students are beginning to really focus in on their argumentative research papers for the semester. They have the option to write on anything that is in anyway related to Black History. I asked them to post a quick blog about their topic with an outline of some sources they plan to use so far.Continue reading “Call to Action: Research Papers – Teaching African American History Update #4”

Introducing My Glossary

After working on this a few weeks, I believe it is about ready for others to see…. I have been working on a Glossary, located here on this same webpage, that has what are hopefully basic and simple key terms related to Critical Theory and History. Those currently listed relate to my research and interestsContinue reading “Introducing My Glossary”

Part of How I Study History in 14 Points

1. When studying the United States’s past, no question, inquiry, problem, etc, can circumvent the all important question: how does it help “old White guys”? 2. If United States History reveals few constants one of them is that all too often despite on-going grassroots efforts demanding change very little changes in the way of theContinue reading “Part of How I Study History in 14 Points”