Academics, Economics, Society, and More – Things On My Mind, Series #3

This has been a busy and quick month! I was sick with the stomach flu for a week, had a few full days of medical appointments, and have been working on the final parts of my dissertation, as much as possible. During this time, I’ve had a number of things on my mind, and below,Continue reading “Academics, Economics, Society, and More – Things On My Mind, Series #3”

Wednesdays, Swimming Pools, Philosophy, and More – What I’m Reading Series, #3

Recently I have read several books, and I wanted to share a few details about some of these.  Contested Waters: A Social History of Swimming Pools in America focuses on the North and explains the evolution of swimming pools in United States history. This book argues that swimming pools are an important mirror and an important microcosmContinue reading “Wednesdays, Swimming Pools, Philosophy, and More – What I’m Reading Series, #3”

Microaggressions and Socialization

By what mechanisms are we socialized and acculturated as children? Usual answers involve major social institutions such as churches, media outlets, schools, and family units. But, I’ve never heard anyone make a direct and needed connection between the process of learning to behave in conventional, accepted ways and microaggressions. Microaggressions are subtle intended and unintendedContinue reading “Microaggressions and Socialization”

The Revolution Is Here: Clinton, Sanders, and Trump

People predicted Barack Obama’s initial election as President of the United States would result in the next major political revolution. Hopes were high. People naively asked: Would racism finally end? Fears were high, too. How would a “Black, Muslim, foreign-born” person act as President? People blindly bought into labels that further, and inaccurately, Othered him and asked:Continue reading “The Revolution Is Here: Clinton, Sanders, and Trump”

Jeopardy!: Anti-Intellectualism and the Canon

We are so embedded in our culture, we often miss that which, once realized, is seemingly very obvious. Moments ago I had another such awakening. Headlines about Melissa Harris-Perry’s appearance on Jeopardy! as part of a week-long marathon of various celebrities playing for their favorite charities caught my attention. While I haven’t see this popular answer-and-questionContinue reading “Jeopardy!: Anti-Intellectualism and the Canon”

Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Between the World and Me” – What I’m Reading Series, #2

This afternoon I finished Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates’s best-selling second book. I first came to know about Coates’s work thanks to the recommendation of Nick Sacco and then Coates’s outstanding essay, “The Case for Reparations.” Between the World and Me is anything but the typical book, best-selling or otherwise. In the spirit of FannieContinue reading “Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Between the World and Me” – What I’m Reading Series, #2″

Trumpism is merely the logical next step.

People express shock over the extreme popularity of Donald Trump’s campaign — one centered around psychologically- and physically- charged rhetorics of violence. Trump has, as we know, recently expressed hatred for all other countries and everyone accept the so-called “silent majority.” He and his followers are the perfect embodiment of the ideology bell hooks calls the (Heteronormative)Continue reading “Trumpism is merely the logical next step.”

Ahmed Mohamed, the United States’s Responses, and the Nature of Life Today

I wanted to share a few brief observations and comments about Ahmed Mohamed and the resulting attention. Last night I was thinking about it, and I figured that there was probably already a Wikipedia page about him. And there is. While the page is currently being considered for deletion, presumably under their “notability” policy, even ifContinue reading “Ahmed Mohamed, the United States’s Responses, and the Nature of Life Today”