Understanding Privilege: A Conversation about Personal Understandings

Due to my research and interests, I frequently study various types of privilege: Male Privilege, Heterosexual Privilege, White Privilege, Christian Privilege, Class Privilege, Cisgender Privilege – this list of different privileges continues on and on. As basically a Neo-Marxist (I see “race,” not class, as the key factor that causes conflict), I am particularly interestedContinue reading “Understanding Privilege: A Conversation about Personal Understandings”

Whiteness, History, and Comments about George Zimmerman

Events and things in history frequently involve what I call the “realms of illogic.” It’s not gonna make sense. “Race” is one of these. This posting is an attempt to address how people are classified as white or not and why Zimmerman is actually “white.” Absolutely no offense is intended by the use of racializedContinue reading “Whiteness, History, and Comments about George Zimmerman”

13 Things You Can’t do (and be Honest) in the United States

You cannot deny that racism exists, especially if you’re “white.” You cannot deny that sexism exists, especially if you’re male. You cannot deny that classism exists, especially if you have transportation, shelter, clothes, water, and/or enough to eat. You cannot deny that heterosexism exists, especially if you’re heterosexual. You cannot be anti–abortion, especially if you’reContinue reading “13 Things You Can’t do (and be Honest) in the United States”

Brad Pitt, Not So Hidden Racism and Sexism, and “World War Z” (2013)

World War Z is a poor movie that boosts Brad Pitt, racism, and sexism. For a fairly crowded theater, I have never seen it empty as quickly as it did yesterday.  Beware – spoilers follow. With a name like World War Z and the strong connotations associated with the words “world war,” I expected World War Z to be a warContinue reading “Brad Pitt, Not So Hidden Racism and Sexism, and “World War Z” (2013)”

Historical Perspectives, Cultural Readings, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

Last night I watched the 2012 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (hereafter, ALVH) for the second time. As a historian, I always unavoidably see movies with a somewhat different set of eyes. After all, everything has a history and involves history; therefore, movies, consciously or unconsciously, unavoidably touch on historical issues, and involve political agendas, and other concerns for the scholar. InContinue reading “Historical Perspectives, Cultural Readings, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)”

Is social media creating forces to end racism?

Of course, such a question is a bit more hopeful than I usually am and is slightly dangerous per se. But is there something to it? This week Sebastien De La Cruz has been a focus across the media, especially social media. He sang (and did a wonderful job!) the United States’s National Anthem this past Tuesday beforeContinue reading “Is social media creating forces to end racism?”