Renaming “White Privilege” – Hidden Power of Words Series, #7

As a scholar of racialized actions and mores, I am very familiar with the concept of White Privilege. In a nutshell, White Privilege is the other side of racism, how racism happens, it’s the ways in which White people benefit from racism.  Tim Wise has a great, short definition:  White privilege refers to any advantage, opportunity,Continue reading “Renaming “White Privilege” – Hidden Power of Words Series, #7″

 “DANGER”: Comments about Black Men, White Women, and Science in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (2014)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while entertaining on the surface, is problematic. Naturally, it fails the Bechdel Test (to pass, a movie ONLY needs to have at least two women with names, who talk to each other, about something other than a man). Like the recent Superman movie and others, it hits too close to homeContinue reading ” “DANGER”: Comments about Black Men, White Women, and Science in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (2014)”

The Myth of the “Small Town”

Individuals and societies tend to construct narratives where small towns are superior to cities. This rhetoric is not new. While definitions in the United States confine “[small] towns” to population centers with less than ten thousand people, the functional, everyday definition is not so clear-cut. Images associated with small towns often conger up notions ofContinue reading “The Myth of the “Small Town””

A Close Encounter with Racism, 2014 edition

Tonight while having dinner at a local restaurant, I noticed a middle-aged Black man walk in. They didn’t have a host or hostess, so it was presumably (as different people seated those who came in) everyone’s responsibility to watch the door. After several minutes, no one had come to help him, so he walked aroundContinue reading “A Close Encounter with Racism, 2014 edition”

Is Black History Month Good or Bad?

February is Black History Month in the United States and Canada. (And February is also National Bird-Feeding Month; March is Women’s History Month; April is Jazz Appreciation Month, Confederate History Month, and National Poetry Month; May is Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month, Mental Illness Awareness Month, and Jewish American Heritage Month; June is Caribbean American Heritage Month; SeptemberContinue reading “Is Black History Month Good or Bad?”

The Power of “Isms”

The suffix “ism” in the English language is a powerful one. Racism Sexism Imperialism Industrialism Liberalism Conservatism Communism Marxism Nazism Historians regularly look at the “isms” but don’t necessarily always consider their full power and potential as both ideologies and conceptual tools. Racism, for example, is an “ism” because it is a world view, aContinue reading “The Power of “Isms””

The United States IS Uneducated, NOT Fragmented & A Brief Case Study in Religion and Marriage Rights

This is probably mostly preaching to the choir, considering my audience. But a rant is in order. Yes, of course, the United States is fragmented, but the real cause is rooted in vast anti-intellectualism, not increasingly divergent mores. People in the United States are far too absorbed in television, social media, various online or videoContinue reading “The United States IS Uneducated, NOT Fragmented & A Brief Case Study in Religion and Marriage Rights”

Stereotypes, Divisions, and Humans

Humans are programmed to stereotype and discriminate. Stereotypes consist of any preconceived idea.  We are evolutionary beings. We resist learning and change, and we embrace opportunities that and others who reinforce our core identities. These differences divide us along racialized, sexualized, classized, geographicalized, genderized lines, and other variables. These divisions are natural; however, they canContinue reading “Stereotypes, Divisions, and Humans”