Polyamory, Constructionism, and the Queerness of Hollywood

Two thoughts have been stirring around my brain lately, and they require a bit of creative thinking, potentially: 1) Actors and actresses are, effectively, in on-going polyamorous relationships, 2) performers embody the rejection of (dangerous) ideologies of essentialism.  Polyamory and Queer Hollywood  The philosophy of polyamory says that it’s possible, even natural, for a person toContinue reading “Polyamory, Constructionism, and the Queerness of Hollywood”

7 Things You Likely Have Wrong That Few Address

I am frequently brought to feelings of frustration and sadness when people believe, do, or say things that are everyday and simply not true. In this article, I address seven of these.  1. Recycling clothing, paper, plastic, and so on is good for the environment and something we must all help with.  In reality, like much,Continue reading “7 Things You Likely Have Wrong That Few Address”

Biological Determinism and the Trans Debates: Gender, Sex, Race, and Ability

People increasingly attempt to use biological determinism (or essentialism) to lock people into identities, identities that are actually assigned and determined by cultural mores. While people who are transgender or transexual (often abbreviated as just trans) are increasingly accepted by academia and by society–although we absolutely have a long, long way to go–such cannot beContinue reading “Biological Determinism and the Trans Debates: Gender, Sex, Race, and Ability”

The Queerness of Christian Theology

Long before I had theoretical or historical knowledge to fully articulate my idea, I always found many aspects of Christian theology to be either contradictory or unusual when recognizing the broader context. Let me explain with a specific example. Lots of thoughts below that some will find uncomfortable but that have been on my mind for years. Continue reading “The Queerness of Christian Theology”

President Barack Obama, Racism and Sexism, and the Nation That Insisted on Moving Backward

Despite the optimism and excitement felt by the majority of people in the United States when Barack Obama was elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012, a sizable number found his presidency unacceptable. People deemed Obama a Black Muslim. Questioned his place of birth. Critiqued his Blackness. You know the rest.   Obama’s eight years asContinue reading “President Barack Obama, Racism and Sexism, and the Nation That Insisted on Moving Backward”

In Defense of Bill Nye The Science Guy

Last week one of my students at the University of Houston emailed me to recommend an episode of Bill Nye’s new show Bill Nye Saves the World. This student said he watched an episode on the gender and sex spectrum similar to what we discussed in class. I watched this thirty-minute episode a few days ago andContinue reading “In Defense of Bill Nye The Science Guy”

Representations Matter!: Gender, Race, and the Normative

Just a quick thought, and I need to vent! This afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment, and while in the second waiting room (because: capitalism and bureaucracy?) , I noticed this White man staring at me. Exhibit A: I looked around me and noticed a group of White men and women were also staring atContinue reading “Representations Matter!: Gender, Race, and the Normative”

The “Trolley Problem” is Fundamentally Flawed

The so-named Trolley Problem first originated in 1905, and since its full development as a thought experiment in 1967 by Philippa Foot, it has captivated the on-going attention of philosophers and psychologists for decades. More recently, as indicated on the Facebook page “Trolley problem memes,” developing various iterations of the Trolley Problem is a popularContinue reading “The “Trolley Problem” is Fundamentally Flawed”