Transformative Authors and Texts – One Scholar’s List

The following (by no means all-inclusive list) have in someway profoundly transformed my thinking and/or have had a big influence on the scholar I am today. A few are ones that I especially enjoy and appreciate.   Books: Emma Brave New World A Room of One’s Own Coming of Age in Mississippi  Four Arguments forContinue reading “Transformative Authors and Texts – One Scholar’s List”

“The Ghost of Columbus Haunts This World”: A Perspective on Thanksgiving

This will not be a long blog article. We all know very well that Thanksgiving is “problematic” because of its origins in the massacre of Native Americans. Indeed from 1492 until the 1890s, Europeans and their descendants did everything they could to completely annihilate Indians. Nonetheless, this point of view is not exactly helpful, so to speak, for aContinue reading ““The Ghost of Columbus Haunts This World”: A Perspective on Thanksgiving”

Katy Perry and Neo-Blackface

I don’t have television (by choice). But last night I knew something was going on when so many people kept posting on Twitter and romacebook talking about some big, questionable, weird event. This morning I leaned that the controversy related to Katy Perry’s performance at the 2013 American Music Awards. Perry, whose career took offContinue reading “Katy Perry and Neo-Blackface”

The Rhetoric of Two Christmas Songs – Hidden Power of Words Series, #3

As a socially, culturally constructed celebration and more recently controversial holiday, Christmas tends to receive a great deal of attention from a variety of (dis)interested parties. In the blog article below, I primarily examine the rhetoric of It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas and thoughts resulting from this thought process. Songs, like films, mirrorContinue reading “The Rhetoric of Two Christmas Songs – Hidden Power of Words Series, #3”