On 11/9 (a few thoughts)

11/9 was a terrifying day for many of us, as we heard the news about President Elect Donald Trump early, early in the morning. On 11/9 I was unable to think, write, or be around people. Even a few days later, I struggle to be productive.  People are rightfully terrified and horrified because Trump has promisedContinue reading “On 11/9 (a few thoughts)”

Voting Should Not Be A Selfish Act

Again and again this election cycle I see people advising others to “vote for who best represents you,” “vote for who promises to make things better for you,” “vote for the person who you think will make the nation better for you.” One Facebook comment I found reads: If you want to feel good about yourContinue reading “Voting Should Not Be A Selfish Act”

The Slow Death of the Judicial Branch? (and of the United States?)

Republicans, especially those in political offices, continue to compromise the very existence of the United States as we know it, and most don’t seem to care that this would ultimately hurt them, too. Early today, John McCain said:  I promise you that we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, ifContinue reading “The Slow Death of the Judicial Branch? (and of the United States?)”

Donald Trump is NOT Destroying the GOP/Republican Party…

Because it already did that to itself in the immediate aftermath of Barack Obama becoming President of the United States. As a response to having a Black president the Tea Party emerged and subsequently, basically all Republicans became Tea Partiers, if not fully in name, in ideology. Remember these are the people who said PresidentContinue reading “Donald Trump is NOT Destroying the GOP/Republican Party…”

White People Upset That Democracy Continues in the Face of Hillary Win

WASHINGTON—Hours after news officially broke that Hillary Rodham Clinton won in the Electoral College and will become the 45th President of the United States, White people en masse took to the streets and to social media to express their disbelief. We spoke with Mark Adams who had trouble speaking he was so upset. He said, “DemocracyContinue reading “White People Upset That Democracy Continues in the Face of Hillary Win”

A complete list of everything Donald Trump has said that wasn’t a lie

1. “President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period.” (And apparently, according to PolitiFact, there are actually ten more true statements, as listed here. Seriously, though, it is appalling and frightening that he has any supporters at all. Think of the cognitive dissonance some of his supporters must have since they proclaim “thou shallContinue reading “A complete list of everything Donald Trump has said that wasn’t a lie”

A massive Trump-ordered deportation might look like this:

Imagine some group or agency inevitably comprised of all unquestionably pure White men listening to orders from a superior. Imagine this superior assigning each man a certain number of houses and ordering him to visit each one in the next ten hours.  Imagine this man, who is heavily armed, knocking on the door or busting down theContinue reading “A massive Trump-ordered deportation might look like this:”