9 Different Textual Readings of a Makeup Advertisement

Approaching Dillards at Baybrook Mall the other day my eyes immediately came across the above advertisement before I could even walk in the store. There are several possible ways to interpret this advertisement. As a thought exercise (H/T to Aaron and Andrés for the challenge to look for and articulate more POVs occasionally), I am goingContinue reading “9 Different Textual Readings of a Makeup Advertisement”

PSA: What’s the number one cure for headaches?

I’ve gotten bad headaches since I was a little kid. In fact, I have one right now. For about a decade, I took a medication three times daily that controlled these headaches pretty well, but I could never take any kind of cold medication because it would have a bad interaction. So I frequently hadContinue reading “PSA: What’s the number one cure for headaches?”

Understanding Privilege: A Conversation about Personal Understandings

Due to my research and interests, I frequently study various types of privilege: Male Privilege, Heterosexual Privilege, White Privilege, Christian Privilege, Class Privilege, Cisgender Privilege – this list of different privileges continues on and on. As basically a Neo-Marxist (I see “race,” not class, as the key factor that causes conflict), I am particularly interestedContinue reading “Understanding Privilege: A Conversation about Personal Understandings”