“Overcoming Disabilities,” Normativity, and Rhetoric – Hidden Power of Words Series, #28

Earlier today I was writing a letter of recommendation for a student. Through the process of describing their academic abilities and experiences, it finally occurred to me that all-too-often how we talk about academic success–for students with any type of difference–is completely wrong. As professors we often think of how much more impressive our outstandingContinue reading ““Overcoming Disabilities,” Normativity, and Rhetoric – Hidden Power of Words Series, #28″

7 Stages of Having and Recovering from Surgery

Living almost in a state of complete unconscious – basically unaware of surroundings and having a memory of about one second and basically dependent on others for everything Finding everyone and everything irritating and frustrating Being just well enough that the pain really begins Trying to think or remember something and being completely unable Worrying about everything andContinue reading “7 Stages of Having and Recovering from Surgery”

Major Surgeries and “Major” Surgeries

Something that has been on my mind: I have had six surgeries now: Brain surgery in January 1991, heart/lung/chest surgery in August 2000, pelvis surgery in March 2009, first hand surgery in May 2015, second and third hand surgery in May and December 2017. The first three were major surgeries that required several months toContinue reading “Major Surgeries and “Major” Surgeries”

Preparing for Surgery (again) and Toxic Masculinity in the Waiting Room

On Monday, I’ll be having surgery #6 at M.D. Anderson. This is the second surgery this year! Luckily, it’s a small one again–this time to remove two tumors on my left hand. Recovery should be pretty quick, overall, but I’ll be unable to use my left hand for about two months, all-in-all. During the preopContinue reading “Preparing for Surgery (again) and Toxic Masculinity in the Waiting Room”

Being Disabled And Unconditionally Rejected in Higher Education

At some institutions of higher education, faculty who are not perfectly able-bodied are effectively barred from even stepping on campus. Such practices—on top of the already-difficult job market and added to the ubiquity of microaggressions directed toward us crip people—automatically move some of society’s most educated people into the stack of unconditionally rejected applicants.        Continue reading “Being Disabled And Unconditionally Rejected in Higher Education”

7 Things You Likely Have Wrong That Few Address

I am frequently brought to feelings of frustration and sadness when people believe, do, or say things that are everyday and simply not true. In this article, I address seven of these.  1. Recycling clothing, paper, plastic, and so on is good for the environment and something we must all help with.  In reality, like much,Continue reading “7 Things You Likely Have Wrong That Few Address”

Drugs, War, and Nazi Germany

Last night I finished reading Norman Ohler’s fascinating and best-selling Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich (2017, translated by Shaun Whiteside). Ohler describes the relationships between Adolf Hitler and drugs, Nazi soldiers and drugs, and German society and drugs. In addition, Ohler explains how drugs changed the nature of wars.  Society, War, and Drugs Before continuing,Continue reading “Drugs, War, and Nazi Germany”