Letters of Recommendation

When asking for a Letter of Recommendation from Dr. Pegoda, please provide the following at least two or three weeks before the letter is due. 

  1. Your full name (first, middle, last), the appropriate honorific, your pronouns.
  2. A list of every class you took with me and the final grade in each. What stands out to you about my class(es) could also be helpful. 
  3. A list detailing the projects you completed for me. 
  4. A copy of papers completed in my class(es). 
  5. A detailed statement in your own words about what exactly the letter is for and who the letter should be sent to or how it should be submitted. Let me know the due date. I need an address to put on the letter, too. 
  6. An explanation of why you are asking me to write the letter.
  7. Information about what you have worked on or what accomplishments you have had since taking my class or any accomplishments/information at any time that would help me write a strong letter. 
  8. Anything about you personally that I should or should not include. (This is especially important if we have talked often.) 
  9. Personal statements/cover letters you submitted could also help me write a strong letter for you. (I’m also always happy to help give feedback on these before they are submitted.)
  10. Any information you have about what kind of stakes are involved, can be helpful. I will always write a strong, original letter, but if the letter is more a formality and you have already received the job/etc, my approach is different, for example. 
  11. Anything else what will help me write a strong letter.