Activity List

  1. You did that like a woman.
  2. You did that like a girl.
  3. Man up!
  4. Grow a pair.
  5. You did that like a man.
  6. Boys will be boys.
  7. You’re wearing the pants in the relationship.
  8. That was ballsy!
  9. You’re a wuss!
  10. Smile!
  11. That’s too gay!
  12. Why aren’t you married?
  13. That was in the past.
  14. The wage gap is a myth!
  15. You’re just a Debbie Downer!
  16. Stop being a Negative Nancy!
  17. Take the compliment!
  18. Let me help you with that.
  19. Close your legs!
  20. Can’t you take a joke?
  21. Must be that time of the month!
  22. Don’t dress like that!
  23. He/she picks on you because he/she likes you.
  24. “May I speak to the man of the house?”
  25. Boy’s don’t cry!
  26. You’re so brave!
  27. You’re a SJW!
  28. Stop being a bitch!
  29. Are you a boy or a girl??
  30. You need some meat on your bones!
  31. You’re overreacting!
  32. Your just too sensitive!
  33. You just need to get laid!
  34. You need to have children before you’re too old.
  35. You’re a feminazi!
  36. You’re a commie!
  37. Stop playing the victim!
  38. [Subjected to mansplaining ]

List inspired by a student’s semester project in the Summer 2019 semester. 

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