Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda teaches women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; religious studies; and English at the University of Houston and has expertise in a variety of areas, including pedagogy, women’s and queer studies, critical race theory, religious studies, film and cultural studies, history/historiography, and historical memory. 

Dr. Pegoda is actively committed to teaching and is also available as a consultant or expert reviewer, as a guest speaker, and as a freelance writer / opinion piece writer – current bylines include Cancerwise, Conditionally Accepted, The Conversation, The Daily Cougar, The Good Men ProjectHistory News Network, Houston Chronicle, Inside HigherEd, Merion West, Talking Points MemoTime, and Washington Post. Dr. Pegoda is co-founder and editor in chief of Conceptions Review

Without Ritual, Autonomous Negotiations serves as a home for some of Dr. Pegoda’s public writing. 

Finally, Dr. Pegoda is queer/gay, genderqueer, physically disabled, and a survivor of many tumors and six surgeries. These (and other) identities, in addition to experience as an educator and scholar and a global citizen, are used to further embrace and model diversity and acceptance.

Please enjoy your stay on http://andrewpegoda.com, share links, leave comments, and visit often!  Thanks!

Last updated: June 2021

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  1. Love the quote above!

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  2. Great article on 15 things I wish I knew before going into grad school. These are definitely things I am going to take into consideration before I go!

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  3. Scrolling through…and am impressed.


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