Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda (aka “AJP”)

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda teaches women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; religious studies; and first year writing at the University of Houston. 

Dr. Pegoda has expertise in pedagogy, women’s studies, queer studies, critical race theory, religious studies, cultural studies, history/historiography, and public scholarship and has growing interest in crip studies and digital humanities.  

Dr. Pegoda is actively committed to teaching and is also available as a consultant or expert reviewer, as a guest speaker, and as an opinion piece writer. Without Ritual, Autonomous Negotiations serves as a home for some of Dr. Pegoda’s public writing. 

Finally, Dr. Pegoda is queer/gay, genderqueer, physically disabled, and a survivor of many tumors and six surgeries. Dr. Pegoda uses these (and other) identities, in addition to experience as an educator and scholar and a global citizen, to further embrace and model diversity and acceptance.

Please enjoy your stay on http://andrewpegoda.com, share links, leave comments, and visit often!  Thanks!

Last updated: January 2020

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