Notes on: The Hate U Give (2018)

It is impossible to be unarmed when our Blackness is the weapon that they fear. The Hate U Give (2018) is a powerful movie. Its ultimate power stems not so much from its indictment of institutional and systemic racism but from its positive portrayal of Blackness. The film, and the outstanding book from which it grew, focusContinue reading “Notes on: The Hate U Give (2018)”

Longing for a Queered ACLU

This is the type of article I am always hesitant to write and publish because the American Civil Liberties Union, or the ACLU, has done incredible work for decades. I am a proud member of the ACLU. But, someone has to write about such…. The ACLU is one of the main organizations that is consistently workingContinue reading “Longing for a Queered ACLU”

Happy 2016?!: Humans, Numbers, and Challenges

Humans put an odd emphasis on years, decades, centuries, and millennia, not to mention seconds, minutes, hours, days, and weeks. The long process of industrialism has only exacerbated the (“evil”?) necessity of such socially constructed measurements. Our lives are controlled, very simply, by the clock, by the rhymes and rhythms of industry and capitalism. ThatContinue reading “Happy 2016?!: Humans, Numbers, and Challenges”

The Dangers of the Politics of Respectability – #IfIDieInPoliceCustody continued

So-called politics of respectability are dangerous because it does not matter if someone did do drugs, was argumentative, did wear their pants “too low,” or whatever, that is no reason to kill a (Black) person. #Blacklivesmatter.   Be sure to see the “part one” of this article: #IfIDieInPoliceCustody


Please read the following: read each in full, including the hashtag each time, and read slowly and carefully. Email subscribers might need to visit the website to see the embedded links.  We have got to make serious change. #BlackLivesMatter Followup post: The Dangers of the Politics of Respectability – #IfIDieInPoliceCustody continued  Source: Everyone Should Be Reading These IntenseContinue reading “#IfIDieInPoliceCustody”

Hashtag BlackLivesMatter: “A riot is the language of the unheard”

Eyes from around the nation and world have been watching events in Ferguson, Missouri, for some time now. The bifurcated nature of the responses is particularly problematic when it specifically comes to the inability of many people colorized (or racialized) as White, regardless of their otherwise everyday political leanings. Our nation, especially its institutions, haveContinue reading “Hashtag BlackLivesMatter: “A riot is the language of the unheard””

Multi Edge Swords–Ritualized Violence Against Blacks

We absolutely need to keep talking about #BlackLivesMatter. We must. We absolutely need steady, on-going attention to keep the conversation going. We must. We absolutely need all of the videos as proof of abuse directed at Black bodies. However, all of this is dangerous. And we must use caution and remember to also share imagesContinue reading “Multi Edge Swords–Ritualized Violence Against Blacks”

Teaching, Homelessness, Politics, Research: Things On My Mind – Series #2

I find it very odd that we live in a political system and culture that requires ignorance and requires ignoring logic and evidence. One of the biggest (if not the biggest) concerns right now is the environment – but it’s too expensive for the status quo, according to the status quo. I frequently think about the number ofContinue reading “Teaching, Homelessness, Politics, Research: Things On My Mind – Series #2”