People Aren’t Born Gay or Straight: Deconstructing the ‘Born This Way’ Movement A Decade After Lady Gaga’s Song

Another article is out! This one in Medium‘s Modern Identities. It’s a “long read” at 2,300-something words. Please read –People Aren’t Born Gay or Straight: Deconstructing the ‘Born This Way’ Movement A Decade After Lady Gaga’s Song– here. It’s timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the song.


Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda

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  1. I respectfully disagree. First of all, Lady Gaga’s song has no relevance for me, I think I’m too old. Anyhow, there are two significant factors in my life: I have bipolar disorder and I am a transsexual male person. I would no more chose to be trans, than I would chose to be bipolar. Neither is an identity, I have no pride—they are both simply facts about who I am. I grew up with a persistent feeling that I was not female in the 60s and 70s, long before trans was a trendy, popular way to be. I did not want to be a boy or a man, I was not a tomboy or attracted to women, I even married and had two children, but the inner insecurity did not go away. I was diagnosed bipolar after a serious manic psychosis at age 37, one year later I found out that transgender men existed. Both discoveries explained so much. Neither was a choice. I did chose to accept treatment for the mood disorder and, after one year of counselling and a battery of psych tests, I decided to transition. 20 years later, both of those decisions have had a profound impact on my physical, mental and social well being. AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY. Imagine if I could have chosen otherwise.
    Today I am isolated, have no sexuality, no sensible biological sex and no connection with the LGBT “community”—not for lack of trying. I do not feel comfortable in my body (I am content with my socially gendered existence) and I fear that the only way I could come to see myself as a sexual being would be to either find myself attracted to women or recognize myself as queer. I cannot chose those things, I wouldn’t even know how to begin to do so. The way I see it, a man could CHOOSE to identify as gay, but he cannot chose to have feelings and attractions that do not exist. To be exact, a person may not be born gay, trans, bipolar, etc but I believe that they are born with a predisposition/genetic tendency and nurture/environment has a role in expression. But, again one does not chose the family, society, circumstances etc that they end up in. Even, god forbid, “born” in.
    So, I would contend that there are very valid and important reasons to be able to understand that one was born that way.


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