Little Known Reasons People Think COVID-19 is a Liberal Hoax

My latest article talks about how Neurofibromatosis and the associated long-term trauma shapes my experiences with taking COIVD19 very seriously and understanding its threats. Please read this article published with The Good Men Project here. Thanks!

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda 

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  1. This is an important article we (I) should take seriously. Thank you for posting it.

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  2. Again and as always, its a pleasure to read your thoughts. I was lucky enough to rotate very briefly through our great Texas Medical Center in a county hospital ICU department and saw first hand the sad stories that covid has brought to us.
    The closest I can describe that experience was, I suppose, humbling. I recall specifically a patient in need, no miraculous Remdesivir no matter how carefully compounded or scrupulous respiratory therapist could save what felt like an inevitable decline into an unfortunate end. Attending those code blues was especially emotional. I know I am not alone however when I say, I feel very lucky to watch at my home hospital our continued growth in treating patients afflicted with this disease. I hope in a short someday, this will soon become another notch in mans belt for triumphs in adversity.

    I am glad you are staying safe Dr.Pegoda your blog is a great shinning spot in a brief dark spot.

    Best, Jeff and Mariel

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