7th Annual 4th of July Reflection [Video]

Chase Holfelder’s minor key rendition of “America the Beautiful,” with its eerie vibe and with its–by my reading–announcement of the United States’s hypocrisy, inspired my video. Holfelder’s song plays in the background, while a slideshow of images from the internet provides glimpses into the United States that is 2019 (and in other recent years). 

(Holfelder is a wonderful singer and musician. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel, if you haven’t before: https://www.youtube.com/user/chaseholfelder)

As a historian, I am well aware that the United States has always been hypercritical. The gap between the proclaimed freedom for all and the actual freedom allowed for most is a constant and is often a violation of basic human rights. Trumpism is, I believe, a new stage still.

Regardless, I hope this video stirs up some feelings and some reflections. The contrast between the words and ideals of “American the Beautiful” and the events of late are in sharp juxtaposition.

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda 

Categories: Thoughts and Perspectives

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