122 visits. 74 hours. Office Hours.

I’ve always had busy office hours as discussed here. Invisible Labor is pervasive in our world. People labor in ways that are often unseen, unacknowledged, and/or even unpaid. In order to help counter this, I tracked visits this semester. The results follow.  I had 135 students this semester across 5 classes (plus one independent studyContinue reading “122 visits. 74 hours. Office Hours.”

The Room (Poem)

The Room With its spaciousness, invites you. With its tables and chairs, talks to you. With its storage spaces, says, please stay. With its location, says, you are visible. With its mix of different people, inspires and encourages you. The Room is a neat, different, weird place. But, you don’t know The Room. The RoomContinue reading “The Room (Poem)”

Film and Television – Things On My Mind Series, #8

I use the Things On My Mind series to share collections of working, not necessarily related, ideas that don’t (yet, anyway) warrant their own article or have another home. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit receives its fair share of criticism, much of it warranted; however, here I want to mainly recognize some of LawContinue reading “Film and Television – Things On My Mind Series, #8”