Ableism and Wheel of Fortune

Tonight, I watched Wheel of Fortune to do something different and to relax a bit after a busy week. And I got to thinking. My students and I have been talking about privilege and its various manifestations. This evening I got to wondering what they would do if a contestant required a wheelchair or a stool or had some kindContinue reading “Ableism and Wheel of Fortune”

Facebook, Birthdays, and Neoliberalism

Earlier this year and last year, Facebook started encouraging its users to garner charitable donations through its platform, especially for birthdays.  In particular, on my birthday last month Facebook encouraged me to select a charity that friends could donate to as a way of giving a birthday present that would keep giving. Facebook even offeredContinue reading “Facebook, Birthdays, and Neoliberalism”

Privilege, Erasure, Cognitive Dissonance

Privilege. Erasure. Cognitive Dissonance. These are just some of the big ideas bouncing around my Frontal Lobe this week. I have three thoughts in particular that I want to share in this article.  1. An under-recognized form of privilege is having a name that can immediately be pronounced correctly, not just by other people but byContinue reading “Privilege, Erasure, Cognitive Dissonance”