Notes on: The State of the Union

The GOP and its supporters really are more and more set on visibly/openly accelerating the destruction/complete breakdown of the United States.

It should be clear that the group irrationally worried about terrorist groups is the actual terrorist group in the room. Psychologically, it makes sense. We should have realized this sooner.

Rather than face legal consequences or fix the problems (which would be SO EASY!), the GOP seems set on destroying last every crumb in the nation.

As a reminder, I firmly stand by that the GOP of today is equivalent to the KKK of the 1910s and 1920s. The worst irritation of the KKK. And today’s GOP is actual worse. This GOP hates even more people (not to mention the entire planet) and perpetuates that hate with even more vicious tactics.

And it’s perfectly ironic that the groups that (falsely) says the US is the best country ever and (falsely) boasts about its status and (falsely) says people from all over the world are moving here/want to move here etc is the same group that hates immigrants and destroys/imprisons families and children for simply asking for help/for permission to stay in the USA.

All of this and more have been developing since the civil rights movements of the 1960s and then the neoliberal (i.e., opposite of Cold War/New Deal liberalism that brought more economic prosperity to more people) social, political, and economic policies of the 1980s, but the Blackness of our last president was too much for too many people. He was no true liberal. Not really progressive either.

But Republicans have decided that the USA should come to an abrupt end, it seems, because a Black President upsets too many of their (and the nation’s) “deeply held” (and often ironic, hypocritical) mores. It’s similar to when an “outcast” finds a way and joins a popular group. Rather than accept the person, they disband the group. It’s similar to when rather than have non-White and White children attend school together, they (temporary) killed the school system and/or created all White private schools. Same thing happens with swimming pools in many places. If integrated swimming is required, they said, no one can swim.

So the GOP is punishing the nation. Has been for a long time. They are saying: Because a Black person was President, no one can have rights or security—we’ll do something else.

People who vote Republican are complicit because this is true and has been true for some time: “Democratic politicians play by the rules and lose. Republican politicians cheat and win.“

Case in point: At Brazosport College the three decade long pattern continues. Regent Sharon Rogers just resigned from her seat after almost two decades just four years and a few days into her current term. She resigned days after the official start of her fifth year of this term which would have expired in 2020.

Systematically, regents resign before the end of their term, another one is appointed. Etc etc. These people are not “elected,” as the law calls for.

Across the board, Republicans cheat to gain power and influence. Of course, a local school board like this is not as important as the POTUS or the SCOTUS, but the Republican strategy seems to be an across-the-board attack. They are doing so many immoral, illegal things no one can keep up and people have to decide what is “worse,” etc. 

To be continued.

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda