Abortion and 9 Things to Understand

Just because someone with female reproductive organs is pregnant does not mean the fetus will survive until its birth. Approximately, 30 percent (or more) of all pregnancies end in what is called a “spontaneous abortion,” more commonly called a “miscarriage.” The number is likely higher because this often happens before a person knows they areContinue reading “Abortion and 9 Things to Understand”

Behavior, Voice, and Social Media

The topic of this blog is one that has been on my mind for sometime, but I have struggled with exactly how I want to articulate and fully develop the idea. I’m providing at least a sketch of what is on my mind when thinking about behavior, voice, and social media in this post. SocialContinue reading “Behavior, Voice, and Social Media”

Notes on: The State of the Union

The GOP and its supporters really are more and more set on visibly/openly accelerating the destruction/complete breakdown of the United States. It should be clear that the group irrationally worried about terrorist groups is the actual terrorist group in the room. Psychologically, it makes sense. We should have realized this sooner. Rather than face legalContinue reading “Notes on: The State of the Union”

I Was Harassed Today (or, This is Trump’s United States)

While having lunch at The Picket Fence Restaurant and Gift Shop in Clute, Texas, with my mom today, I was harassed by a (White) middle-aged man and his family for wearing this Pro Equality t-shirt. (I think it’s worth noting that none of the employees “apologized”–of course not their fault at all–or acknowledged the incident, norContinue reading “I Was Harassed Today (or, This is Trump’s United States)”

Increasing Budgets, Empty Rooms, and Missing Representatives

As a graduate of Brazosport College and as a citizen who pays taxes to the Brazosport College Taxing District, I enjoy keeping up with some of its activities when/where possible. In 2007, voters approved a $70,000,000 bond. This bond included a number of items but two new buildings and various remodels accounted for the bulkContinue reading “Increasing Budgets, Empty Rooms, and Missing Representatives”