Quick to Speak: Evidence, Patience, and Truth

According to people’s behavior, little regard is generally given to notions of “truths.” “Alternative facts” have become all too common and too acceptable, fully named by Kellyanne Conway on January 22, 2017 but in full force well before this phraseology emerged.   People think and act and believe however/whatever. Evidence does not matter to more andContinue reading “Quick to Speak: Evidence, Patience, and Truth”

Difference, Intelligence, and Life

Crows, scientists say, are as smart as the typical five-to-seven year-old. Any comment about the “intelligence” any kind of “life” has or does not have is immediately problematic–and human-centric. The more we learn about other forms of life, the more we realize how much more they know than previously acknowledged and how much more weContinue reading “Difference, Intelligence, and Life”

On the Limits of Poststructuralism

Of course, representations always matter. Both choices and implications. Disregarding the author and his/her/their background and intent (see, for example, “The Death of the Author”) is typically important when analyzing culture. Humans are generally blind to their own circumstances and why–truly why–they make the choices they make. Only with time can we begin to seeContinue reading “On the Limits of Poststructuralism”

Notes on: Comprehension and Paper vs. Digital Reading

Some professors and critics of change denounce various e-readers as the enemy.  In what I would deem a misguided, ill-informed move, some syllabi will “prohibit” students from reading books for said classes on a Kindle, iPad, or similar device. Discussions about the ableism of such policies are important, too.  A syllabus might say or suggestContinue reading “Notes on: Comprehension and Paper vs. Digital Reading”

Very Brief Thoughts: Easter and Theology

Think how much different (and more powerful) Christian celebrations of Easter would be if mainstream theology embraced all aspects of this ritual. This ritual—partially and selectively and without historicism—celebrates and mourns a person-deity, while manifesting erasure when it comes to the poor, unwanted, immigrant, and Black status of this person-deity, erasure manifested from and perpetuatedContinue reading “Very Brief Thoughts: Easter and Theology”