Quick Updates

I have never been this long without posting a blog since first starting this blog! I miss it greatly. I have six blog articles in development, so expect more soon. 

The lack of blogging is related to a number of things.

I’ve been having a great deal of pain in both hands–everyday tasks are difficult. And today I learned that I’ll be having surgery #7 in May. 😦 There is another tumor that needs to be removed. I’ve also had a number of the worst migraines in memory. 

There have been a number of family emergencies over the past two months, too.

This semester I’m also busy teaching! Being at the University of Houston full-time continues to be a blast. This semester I’m teaching two sections of Introduction to GLBT/Queer Studies, one section of First Year Writing, and one section of a new course, Atheists, Other “Heathens,” and 20th C. United States. Course preparation and grading keeps me busy! I’ve also been working on various details for a big, special event at UH this April: We’re bringing Dr. Aaron Alon’s musical/film Bully to campus (details here and here from my previous posts). 

I also just finished writing a book chapter/article on the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which will be published in 2019 or 2020. The article came to 8,087 words and 27 pages.

I must run for now. I need to dry my clothes, grade some papers, and get ready for tomorrow! Dr. Trevor Lovejoy is not pleased that I’m so busy lately. (You can like his Facebook page here.)

More soon.

Dr. Andrew Joseph Pegoda