Review of Aaron Alon’s BULLY (2017)

From its directorship by Dr. Aaron Alon, its powerful story line and unforgettable thirteen original numbers written and composed by Alon, its cinematography, its sound, and its talented cast of performers and singers, Thunderclap Production’s latest release, Bully (2017), is a highly-original masterpiece about bullying, depression, gender, queerness, and suicide. In the space of 58 minutes, this musical pushes viewersContinue reading “Review of Aaron Alon’s BULLY (2017)”

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Updated December 29, 2017 I will never apologize for supporting and defending students. I will also never apologize for challenging them and helping them think and work in ways and with greater intensity than they ever thought possible! My exact teaching philosophy varies according to the institution, the department, the course, the students, and evenContinue reading “Statement of Teaching Philosophy”

The “Big Idea” English Studies Syllabus

Revised and Expanded July 2022 All forms of life communicate in never-ending give and take processes. Homo sapiens and their ancient ancestors have always communicated with one another and with other forms of life. Current-day humans communicate through any number of compositions, including poetry, biography, wills, musical scores, text messages, and much more. When guidedContinue reading “The “Big Idea” English Studies Syllabus”

A few thoughts about Christmas songs, the related theologies, and traditions.

A powerful lesson happens when we have understandings of the past informed by evidence: the realization that most things considered “traditional” or as having lasted forever are actually new developments–often in the past century, sometimes in the past decade or two. Of course, this doesn’t detract from the power associated with the mores and ritualsContinue reading “A few thoughts about Christmas songs, the related theologies, and traditions.”

7 Stages of Having and Recovering from Surgery

Living almost in a state of complete unconscious – basically unaware of surroundings and having a memory of about one second and basically dependent on others for everything Finding everyone and everything irritating and frustrating Being just well enough that the pain really begins Trying to think or remember something and being completely unable Worrying about everything andContinue reading “7 Stages of Having and Recovering from Surgery”

Major Surgeries and “Major” Surgeries

Something that has been on my mind: I have had six surgeries now: Brain surgery in January 1991, heart/lung/chest surgery in August 2000, pelvis surgery in March 2009, first hand surgery in May 2015, second and third hand surgery in May and December 2017. The first three were major surgeries that required several months toContinue reading “Major Surgeries and “Major” Surgeries”

Preparing for Surgery (again) and Toxic Masculinity in the Waiting Room

On Monday, I’ll be having surgery #6 at M.D. Anderson. This is the second surgery this year! Luckily, it’s a small one again–this time to remove two tumors on my left hand. Recovery should be pretty quick, overall, but I’ll be unable to use my left hand for about two months, all-in-all. During the preopContinue reading “Preparing for Surgery (again) and Toxic Masculinity in the Waiting Room”